Cooperativa de Trabajo



In 1979, Jorge Discala opened the plant located at Edison 702 in the city of Mar del Plata with the idea of taking on outsourced work. Over time, he became skilled at the job and began forming a work team with a passion for excellence. In 1996, Discala’s children’s took over the enterprise, at the same plant and supervising the structure that is currently a prestigious work cooperative: The Discala family’s approach applies to the entire platform of employees; the work culture and the family take pride of place.

This company has always engaged in the production of frozen and fresh fish, and currently provides the domestic market with third-party products: Congelados Ártico and Mc Cain Argentina, inter alia.

This initiative came about as a response to studies that the company regularly conducts with regard to consumption, changes in our society over the years and with an ongoing desire to respond to new needs.


Thus, Doña Francisca is in constant growth, providing top-quality product that is assessed under the strictest demands, maintaining the same values and cultures as the base for the future.

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